5 Major Marathons Around the World

If you are a prolific runner, and would like to enter a marathon, you should check out this list as it presents the most outstanding and high profile marathons that take place all over the globe.

Our list offers everything from arid marathons in Africa to more high-profile ones which would need a harsh trainingschedule to get into.

Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

This marathon will take place in April of 2019. It will be a road race with only a short climb in it and offers a buzzing atmosphere that makes it very enticing to run.

It has at Champ Elysées, and after going past all the important Parisian landmarks, finishes in the Avenue Foch, giving runners a sight of the Arc de Triomphe.

Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series: Pembrokeshire Marathon

Starting out on April 27th 2009, on a hilly and technical terrain, this trail race will allow you to experience the gorgeous sights Britain has to offer. If you love the outdoors you will definitely enjoy this marathon, as it goes along the coastlines of Wales and England.

And although this isn’t a smooth one, while it has some harsh climbs, the views are worth it.

street marathon - 5 Major Marathons Around the World

Uganda International Marathon

This hot and hilly marathon, set for May 26th-June 2nd of 2019, gives its runners the chance to experience an excellent community experience. Although it lasts a full week, its path includes the breath-taking sight of Lake Victoria.

If you’re also a philanthropic person, you’ll be glad to know this is typically a fundraiser for the many needs of the community.

Patagonian International Marathon

Taking place in a very hostile and hilly terrain, with harsh weather conditions, in September the 7th of 2019, this might seem like a daunting marathon, but its epic mountain views are most encouraging.

It starts in the surroundings of the Torres del Paine National Park, and ends up at the base of Mount Almirante Nieto.

Midnight Sun Marathon

On June 22nd 2019, in Tromsø, Norway, you might get to bask in the everlasting sun of the season. It is a road type race with only gentle rolling hills, which include the Tromsø Bridge.

Even though most racers reach the finish line at midnight, after having enjoyed gorgeous views of snowy mountains and glistening waters, they do so under the beautiful Scandinavian sky.

From the romantically artistic Paris, to the daunting hills of Chile, and under a ray of everlasting sunshine, each of these marathons offers you astonishing views, lovely communities, and varying degrees of challenges that all runners can appreciate.

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