4 Tips to Become A Good Marathon Runner

Marathons are a competitive sport and, as such, it draws competitive people to it. Runners tend to push their bodies to the limit, in order to achieve their goals of record breakings, being the best or sometimes just getting through anespecially harsh marathon.

However, in order to succeed at any of these attempts, this competitive mind-set must be aided by the right tools and proper information, and learn why to push your body, how, in what direction, when to stop, when to go harder, and more.

Want to know how to help yourself recover? These tips might shed some light on these issues.

The Magic 10

Our bodies run on oxygen, so gets your bloodpumping your muscles full of it by doing a proper warm up. We’re calling it “the magic 10” as a 10 minute warm up session before getting up and running

This practice goes a long way in protecting our muscles and joints, thus preventing injuries, and overall improving our performance.

The Ten Percent Rule

You’ll have better chances of increasing the distance you can run if you take it one day at a time. The general consensus, for avoiding injury, is to increase your mileage and length of the run weekly, and never over 10% at a time.

Give your body the chance to adjust nice and slow and smooth.

Aim for Comfort

We get it, you have a goal to achieve, however you will get there faster and better, if youtake it easy on your body,and run 60-90 seconds under your actual goal, about 80% of the time. Do it at a pace that feels comfortable and you’ll do it better every time.

Run to The Hills

Go out and find hills to run around in, at least once a week. We’ve established our bodies run on oxygen, and going up and down hills improves our oxygenation, in addition to strengthening our leg muscles and increasing our aerobic capacity.

Pushing your body to its limits doesn’t have to equal punishing it. Take care of your body, and it will take care of your running performance. Go easy on your muscles, while gradually demanding more from them. Your muscles and joints will thank you for it.

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