2 Facts About Marathons for Everyone Out There

Marathons are filled with many interesting facts. We have picked two facts, which we found to be most interesting, to share with you and give you something to think about.



Marathons get their name due to being born in Marathon, Greece. Legend tells of a hero called Pheidippides, who ran 25m to deliver war news. This hero arrived at the city, shouted “we are victorious”, and dropped dead.

Age is Just a Number


There have been both, pretty young, and old marathon runners out there, who impress us with their endurance at such extreme ages. The youngest one ever is Budhia Singh whom by 5 years old had ran 48 marathons.

On the other hand, the oldest runner to complete a marathon was Fauja Singh at 100 years old.

It is impressive what the human body can do, if trained right and pushed to its limits, and how much of history can be made, just to deliver victorious news.

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